Saturday, October 18, 2008

this is it!

Last day of the semester. While taking this picture, we realized that for five months we already built a strong friendship foundation. We were sad and happy, sad because we might not continue the journey and happy because most of us survive the challenge. Being a freshman, it is a big deal on how we will mingle with our co-leagues,to behave and to adjust the environment which is totally different from high school life. But throughout this fear we are proud to say that we survive!. I was enervated by my friends to strive the things i like. It is my friends who gives me the real meaning of the world. They inspired me through their lovely world and advised on how to handle or duel problems. I learned that in every endeavors i may encounter i should think that God will provide and find ways. Well, this is just the beginning for our journey. Just bear in mind that to access your dream, you need to strive hard.


jovah said...

I hope u be able to pursue your dreams aside from all the trials.And u let my heart be a part of your journey wherever. keep it up! tira- tira!

twinks said...

what a cute pic..
i'm missing my student year..
wishing you all the success in life and may you succeed in your venture in life..
goodluck! :]