Friday, October 31, 2008


Its time for us to break our fear. A season which every individual wants to reminisce the moment of their love ones who passed away. A day to celebrate or to share their time in going to cemetery or pray to their souls. In this simple ritual, it shows how truly we valued our beloved love ones who passed away

Wednesday, October 29, 2008


a. Love for the family- your love for parents,brother, and sisters can be a great motivation to do whatever is the best for everybody.

b. Initiative- you should do your responsibility without being told.

c. Industrious- anyone who is industrious can get things done and accomplish much.

d. Lively/Spirited- one is full of vitality and vigor to do what is expected of her.

e. Helpful- when members of the family need help,you do not hesitate to lend a helping hand.

f. Integrity- one who has integrity possesses ideals or convictions that he is ready to fight for. He is honest and upright in dealing with others.

g. Understanding- one who is understanding does not only see his own reason and perspectives. He understands others as if he were in the shoes of other people, so to say.

Monday, October 27, 2008


Hate arises from a frustration of one kind or another with the intense dislike focused upon the person responsible for the “blocking” or thwarting of another person's goals or motives. It is usually combined with other negative emotions, such as jealousy, and mixed with anger and perhaps, fear. Hate grows in intensity from the accumulation of small irritation and resentments. Sometimes the hate that develops is one-sided affair. In situations where a member of a couple perceives and interprets the situation differently from the other and generally fails to recognize this fact.

One good insurance against the development of a psychologically chronic hatred and associated aggressive behavior is the maintenance of as much openness in communication as possible, with an effort to see the other side of the issue or argument.


Sunday, October 26, 2008

let your love ones experience fabulous event!

I feel already the breeze of Christmas. Its time to give presence to our love one's. Let make their Christmas especial. How ?

Since the most awaited event is here! Don t miss it, this your chance to attend and bring your love ones. Its a fun event and it will surely entertain you. McKinney Dickens have a snow tubing hill which children will enjoy this activity.

We should thankful to McKinney Texas, in hosting the 28th annual Dickens festival. McKinney Texas brings your desire fun that will surely entertain you. Dickens festival helps you to fulfill the happiness of your love ones this Christmas. Bring your family,relatives to witness this fabulous event. Give this as your presence to them. Let them see the wonder of this event and show your love and let them smile. Bring them to this event.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

help to activate my entrecard account

my entrecard account was deleted by the admin. they sent an email and it says," Your blog was deleted for pop up ads.We were not even able to review it for any other reason. Please remove the pop ups so we can re evaluate." and now im trying to activate my acount.but i dont have any idea to activate my entrecard acount. i hoping that someone can help how to activate my account. if you want to help or if you know how to do it. please write it in the comment box ....thank you!

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

to be acquainted!

Acquaintance party will help you to boast your self-esteem and increase your confidence, aside from having a new friends when we had an acquaintance, it is an event that everyone wants to enjoy which i experienced last September. There was a dance contest and the theme was dance revolution. When the clinical instructor (C.I) conducted an audition for the dance contest, i rushed to go to have an audition. Happily, i was chosen to be one of the dancers that will represent the level 1. well, just see this video!

Monday, October 20, 2008

it hurts but not!

I tried to protest the offensive jokes. This is one of my concern. My classmate easily gives jokes which they cant notice that their words hurt and mean for me. Well! Its my fault because i am too good for them and i never realized that they are beyond my limitations. They are my friends that is why it blocks my anger every time they make me as their subject. They get pleasure , happiness or in short i am their clown . However still they are my friends i love them so much, i treasured the moment we had. But i don't know if they love me. I will hang this question, does they love me? Well, what ever it is. They are my shoulder to cry on> especially my one an only best friend. She knows that! You know who you are. friends, Bear in mind that i am an open-minded.

Sunday, October 19, 2008

human relationtionship

Today, people seem to have realized that in all the important areas of living, their lives are closely bound with the live of others,. No one can claim that he can live alone without playing along with the people around him of that human relationships are of no concern to him. People in business and industry are becoming increasingly aware that their success depends largely upon their relationship with people.
In recent years managers have become more concerned with production and profits and therefore aside from rewarding people with high pay to increase their profits,they are now concerned with how well people get along in their relations with one another.

Saturday, October 18, 2008

this is it!

Last day of the semester. While taking this picture, we realized that for five months we already built a strong friendship foundation. We were sad and happy, sad because we might not continue the journey and happy because most of us survive the challenge. Being a freshman, it is a big deal on how we will mingle with our co-leagues,to behave and to adjust the environment which is totally different from high school life. But throughout this fear we are proud to say that we survive!. I was enervated by my friends to strive the things i like. It is my friends who gives me the real meaning of the world. They inspired me through their lovely world and advised on how to handle or duel problems. I learned that in every endeavors i may encounter i should think that God will provide and find ways. Well, this is just the beginning for our journey. Just bear in mind that to access your dream, you need to strive hard.

Friday, October 17, 2008

how to develop your abilities (part 2)

Let as say, for instance that you favor adverting work. Break down advertising interests into the different kinds of advertising-newspaper, magazines, direct mail publicity, ect.-and take up one at a time. Then break out each kinds still further, into the creative components thus copy righting, layout headlines, typography,engraving. ect-then study each detail carefully,separate, one at a time. Eventually you will notice how each component part is related to the whole, and how the whole field of advertising is related to our national economy.
Exactly the same procedure can be applied to any everyone of your abilities. Keeping it up, before to long, you will establish reputation knowledgeable person. Whenever someone in the office wants to know something, he will come to you. All this, of course, must be done quietly and steadily, not too obviously. Natural ambition will push you forward,but don't try to push yourself forward too aggressively.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

how to den\velop your abilities (part 1)

Everyone is more proficient in certain abilities than in others. Everyone has the ability to do at least one thing well, sometimes more than one. So it is obvious that the smart thing to do is to develop that one ability the highest degree possible. Break it down into small part, and perfect yourself in each part. Make yourself proficient in that one ability that you become expert at it. Many time your one great ability will lead you to a sideline. Develop that sideline as far as you can. The sideline may open up other avenues of advantage that develop into another hidden abilities. Thus you start and almost endless chain of develop.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

the healthy mind

A healthy mind is important. The well-being and happiness of a person depends on a mind that functions normally. It should be a person concern to keep this mind healthy. From the foregoing lesson you have learn how mental condition can be adversely affected by anger,worry, anxiety, boredom an a number of other unhealthy factors. A healthy mind is clean. Among the first thing that a clean mind does is choosing the right books to read, healthy recreation for his pleasure an growth. The person learns to say the humorous thing.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008


If you want to be a completely healthy person, you will practice and form good mental habits. Thinking is a mental habit. You will want to form the habit of thinking before you act. Thinking things through first may save you form doing unnecessary work. That will save your time. Thinking tasks through carefully may help you to find better ways of doing them. Thinking problems through carefully will help you to make wise decisions. Continual practice of this habit may help you wise decisions quickly. This ability would be a great value to you in emergency situation. Thinking will help to make wise choices. Forming the habit of thinking things through will improve your thinking ability.

Monday, October 13, 2008

Practice of good health habits

Practice of good health habits. Good or poor health in individuals may not be due to greater knowledge or information on the part of the person who enjoys good health. The good health of any individuals id due in far measure to the fact that this person has used his information or knowledge to form a well-planned and practiced program for healthful living. If you are eager to be strong and well and you believe that health is your responsibility, you will make every effort to each day and to drink the water your body needs. You will also avoid eating between meals any food that will interfere with your appetite for the foods your body needs regularly. You will get sufficient sleep, exercise, sunshine, and fresh air to allow the parts of your body to function easily and naturally and provide good muscular action.

Sunday, October 12, 2008

man holds......

The man who holds an executive position will rise or fall according to the way he manages his time. The subject of efficient time management for greater effectiveness is more important than we may imagine, and is slighted more often than we think. Some men handles their job with a natural knack for conserving time by the delegation of monotonous an important, though necessary, routine. For them executive work is easy difficult, still others, unfortunately, never learn at all.

Saturday, October 11, 2008

along with the other fellow

In your world, you must live with others and your success will depend primarily on the way in which you get along with the other fellow. You have knowledge and skills to which you will continue to add and which you will largely use to control material things. However, the most important things in your wold are human beings and you must have the knowledge, the understanding, and the desire to live and share with everyone in your world regardless of family, nationality,race, or creed.

Thursday, October 9, 2008

daily contacts

In our daily contacts we meet so many different types of people that it is impossible to analyze all of them. But it is not too difficult to note a significant personality here and there and try to compare his faults or virtues with our own. How often have we said or thought to ourselves, “ thank the lord i'm not like that person!” or “ i wish to heaven i could be as sparkling and as interesting as the boss.”then we drop the thought and go our way. But why not told the thought and try to do something about it? We can indeed avoid being like the boss! It it not hard to make a note of the two or three outstanding personality traits we should like to avoid or acquire, then we can think them over at our leisure and really do some studying on the subject.

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

nice one

This was taken on the first day of our intramurals. I keep smilling because were not allow to take the picture while the parade was going on. But happily no one noticed that i already captured the moment.heheheheh nice one mark!

Monday, October 6, 2008

game over!

these are my friends. when we captured this picture we were on the place where the volleyball tournament played.we rushed to take the picture because we might hit. then, we went to gym to cheer the representative of our department. the game excites every student who cheer their team. it was a close fight between nursing and commerce.well, we learned so much from that event we didnt expect that the commerce department won the spot.hehehe but the most important that we enjoyed the game so much!well, it is a clean and clear game because the sportmanship on each team was present.

Sunday, October 5, 2008


my friend asked me about the thing i love most, i said that the things i love most is my wallet because it keeps me going which is true! everything holds through this,then how can i hate my wallet if it gives me everything so my answer was right!hehehehhehe joke but in reality everything is in the wallet it will tell your status in life.

Thursday, October 2, 2008


when i opened my email this morning i received a message that makes me shock cause it says there that he loves me and he likes me but the question is where did he get my info and how?. i buzzed him by sending a message..right now im waiting to his responce... well hopefully he will! but i just wanted to know why?

glad to meet

i am glad that i met my long lost friend yesterday. well! we talked about the things we use to do. she's now having a baby.but after the long conversation i asked her about her email address in order for me to know or to contact her which is the best way to keep in touch with her,,,........hehhehehehe hoping that it remains the same.............

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

happy still

the barhada's keep smilling even if the winning spot of the team swept out, but we will hopping that in the next game it will be in our hands>>>>>.