Saturday, August 7, 2010

David Archuleta - Touch My Hand (Zae Cover)


it brings joy everything i listened to this song but this video would totally wow every listeners. i hope you would like this cover i just scanned this video on youtube then i find it interesting.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

to solve a problem

  • Approach the issue with clarity. This is the first and most important component to problem solving. While action and energy can often assist you in overcoming challenges, this effort is a waste if misguided or misplaced. The first step is always to approach any issue in a clear and logical manner, even if under time constraints or pressure.
  • Understand the issue. Once you're appropriately focused, you need to run through the problem. What are the components of the issue? What aspects are vital to a solution and which are extraneous? Once you've broken down a problem into its vital aspects, sort through any cause and effect relationships or patterns and cycles at work. Basically, you want to have a good grasp of what is going on.
  • Plan a strategy. After you have a good grasp of the problem, begin to plan out a solution. In most cases this is a simple relationship of cause and effect. In dealing with a problem, you desire to achieve a particular result. Consider what steps must be taken to achieve said result, given the parameters posed by the problem.
  • Execute your strategy. Once you've outlined logical steps toward your desired result, execute! If you are dealing with an issue such that conditions change upon execution, don't be afraid to reevaluate your strategy. Is something going vastly awry? Approach any new developments in the same logical manner in which you approached the original problem. This is important. You must make a critical decision as to whether or not your plan warrants alteration. Remember, changes in parameters of the issue do not necessarily mean the steps you've outlined will fail! In addition, it is sometimes necessary to execute your original plan fully to gain more insight into the problem. Unless this is a one shot deal, trial-and-error is often an excellent approach.
  • Evaluate the results. Upon seeing your plan through, consider the result. Optimally, you successfully tackled the dilemma. However, if the results you expect were not achieved, consider your approach. Was there an error in planning or execution? Did new parameters present themselves? Reevaluate in light of these discoveries and approach the problem again. Sometimes you can repeat your original plan if the error was in execution. However, if the parameters have changed then a new strategy is often necessary.
  • Continue to evaluate and execute. Several attempts may be necessary to solve the issue. Each time, however, keep in mind logic, clarity, and focus. These are the elements that ultimately lead to resolution. Even if you are checked by failure, clear thinking usually leads to a successful resolution..


Friday, July 30, 2010

Pacquiao sister wanted for illegal gambling

GENERAL SANTOS, Philippines (AFP) - – Philippine police said Friday that a sister of boxing hero Manny Pacquiao was involved in running an illegal gambling racket, after detaining 25 people in a raid on her home.
A police vice squad detained the 25 and seized evidence, including gambling materials and cash, in Thursday's raid on the home of Pacquiao's elder sister, Isidra Paglinawan, said local police chief inspector Leo Sua.
Pacquiao, the seven-time world champion elected to a seat in the Philippine parliament this year, personally watched as police searched the house in the southern port city of General Santos, but vowed not to interfere.
A lower court in General Santos ordered the raid as part of a crackdown on an illegal numbers game known as "masiao", but Paglinawan, 34, was not at home, Sua told reporters.
He said the detained people were bet collectors for the illegal racket, in which bettors place wagers on the last two digits of the winning ticket of the Philippine lottery.
Police seized 33,000 pesos (about 721 dollars) in suspected bets, said Sua, who led the raid. He said police would ask state prosecutors to file illegal gambling charges in court against Paglinawan and the 25 other suspects.
Sua said police were searching for Paglinawan.
Pacquiao told reporters Friday he was attending his father's birthday party when police raided Paglinawan's house next door.
He said he would ask the police to investigate whether his sister was indeed a "masiao" operator.
"I will not interfere. Let the law take its course," boxing's "pound-for-pound" king said.
Betting in an illegal numbers game or allowing one's property to be used for such a game is punishable by up to six years in prison.
Working for an illegal gambling operation, or actually running it, carries jail terms of between eight and 20 years.
The well-appointed houses of Pacquiao's parents and five siblings are tourist attractions in the otherwise depressed General Santos district of San Isidro, where Pacquiao grew up in poverty.
The sister sought by police and her husband have no known permanent jobs.
However it is well known in the neighbourhood that Pacquiao, now one of the world's richest sportsmen, gave his relatives the houses and large amounts of seed money to start their own businesses.
His winnings from boxing as well as his commercial endorsements last year made Pacquiao the world's sixth-highest paid athlete, with earnings of 40 million dollars, according to Forbes magazine.
During the election campaign in May, aides of Pacquiao's rival for the local parliamentary seat alleged that the boxer's family were "masiao" operators.
Pacquiao publicly denied the allegations during the campaign.
Pacquiao is expected to fight Mexico's Antonio Margarito for the vacant World Boxing Council junior middleweight championship on November 13.
He had wanted to fight undefeated American Floyd Mayweather Junior in what would have been boxing's richest ever draw, but protracted negotiations appeared to have fallen through.

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Is it true that Kris Aquino is really pregnant?

A short post in an entertainment blog uploaded today, July 28, heightened rumors that premier TV host-and-actress Kris Aquino is pregnant. The blog administrators said their information came from a "reliable source" whom they did not identify.

This afternoon, Kris Aquino slammed the rumors. The woman of the hour sent two consecutive text messages to writer Jo-Ann Maglipon to deny the rumor with finality.

Kris sent the messages from the United States, where she is on vacation with her two sons Joshua and Baby James. She left behind her husband, basketball star James Yap, against whom she has initiated annullment proceedings.

Kris's first text message: "Hi Jo-Ann. I am texting you during my last night in LA. I find the news about my pregnancy hilariously vicious. I had to ask both Deo and Boy—sino raw ang tatay? Deo replied to you about my check-up with Dr. Pastorfide for my cervical cancer screening because of my cervical cancer vaccine endorsement. I have a period tracker app on my iPhone. Just had my period in Orlando, July 18 in the US, and had it until we were in Boston."

Kris's second text message: "I know so many men are being linked to me and I will answer all issues being thrown my way on Friday upon arrival at 4 a.m. Thanks for texting Deo because it gave us an opportunity to clear that issue immediately. Good night."

Earlier, Kris's manager Deo Endrinal, responding to a query from Jo-Ann, had sent this text message about the pregnancy issue: "It's not true. Will never happen because she had a very difficult pregnancy with Baby James, remember? Maybe someone saw her visit her obgyne a week before she left, because she had to get clearance for her new cervical cancer ad. Grabe naman magbalita ang mga tao..."

Boy Abunda, Kris's former co-host in the ABS-CBN showbiz talk show The Buzz, also in response to the same query, called Jo-Ann. In the call, he seconded Deo and provided more information.

"There's an ad airing commercially now," Boy began. "It's an anti-cervical cancer advocacy. It's a Glaxo product. When Kris and I agreed to do their commercial, the contract stipulated, among other things, that Kris must submit to an HPV-DNA screening to check for the virus that causes cervical cancer."

Boy added that on June 25, Kris complied with the contract and went for the checkup. She chose to go to her own OB-Gyne, Dr. Greg Pastorfide. When the HPV-DNA screening came back, said Boy, the results showed that Kris was negative for the virus.

Continuing, Boy said: "After the test, she took her first dose of the anti-cervical cancer vaccine. Oh, and during the test, she had her monthly period. On July 1, she shot the commercial. On July 8, she left for the United States. On July 18, she had her monthly period again. That was in Orlando. Even when she got to Boston, she still had her period. So how can she be pregnant?"

More seriously, added Boy, Kris does not have the option to get pregnant at this time. "Kris cannot get pregnant again because when she had Baby James, she had pulmonary embolism, which puts her at a high risk of losing her life during a pregnancy. These are all just rumors. They're false."

Finally, PEP called Dr. Greg Pastorfide to address the rumored pregnancy of his famous client. The doctor said, "I can tell you she's not pregnant."

In Dr. Pastorfide's words: "Before she left for the U.S., she underwent routine tests. She also got her first shot of cervarix. And I can tell you she's not pregnant. When you are, you can't be given a vaccine."

Kris is expected to return to the country on Friday, July 30, to have rehearsals for Pilipinas, Win na Win!, ABS-CBN's replacement for Wowowee, which will air on Saturday, July 31.

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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

How to Keep Healthy

  • Don't eat coconut oil, or just eat a bit. . Coconut oil is not special.
  • Eat between 3 and 5 meals a day. Stick to portions and you will be hungry when your body is ready for the next meal. Remember: Food = Fuel. Too much Fuel = Fat. Not enough Fuel = Empty tank + Fat (because when your tank is empty, your body is tricked into thinking that because you're not putting any more fuel in, it's time to store up as much fuel as possible to save for later, hence creating more fat).
  • Don't overdo Carbs! Try eating heavy carbs one night and see how much you'll be starving for more the next morning. Carbs are turned into insulin, and if not burned off will tell your body to store fat.
  • Get your air as clean as possible. Move to a city with low pollution.
  • Exercise for at least 30 minutes at least three times per week.
  • Nutrition is key. Eat a balanced diet, including unprocessed carbohydrates, fresh fruit and vegetables etc. It is fine to eat fast food sometimes too!
  • If you're taking vitamins, know that they are not necessarily of any benefit and may harm you. Most people can get all the vitamins you need from food.
  • When choosing soft drinks or sweets, DO go with diet or sugar-free options. Sucralose and aspartame, they are PROBABLY NOT bad and can't give you brain tumors and kill you. There is no good evidence that artificial sweeteners are bad.
  • Depending on where you live and your skin color, you may need vitamin D supplements in Winter.
  • Don't smoke and don't drink too much.
  • When you have run out of things to do - go work in your yard, wash your car, run the dog, chase the kids, rearrange your living room or just plain exercise!
  • If you are having a hard time starting a healthy habit or giving up an unhealthy one, try using Monday as the day to recommit to your new routine. Healthy Monday is a national public health campaign in association with Columbia University’s Mailman School of Public Health that makes Monday the day for all things healthy. It can be the day to recommit to eating healthier, start exercising, or quit smoking.
  • Remember to always keep clean by taking a shower everyday, washing your hands, brushing your hair and teeth, and using mouthwash and floss. When you do this, you have a better chance of not getting sick. Also be careful about the germs in public areas. When you leave a public place, always wash your hands when you get home. Our hands have natural oils that act as a barrier against germs but they are on your hands and must be hygenically removed to insure cleanliness. Try to avoid hand sanitizers, unless at a hospital, as they are harmful if ingested. Also, rinse antibacterial soaps completely.
  • Drink a lot of water! its good for your skin and keeps you hydrated.

Monday, July 26, 2010

Biography of Lady Gaga

Lady Gaga (born Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta on March 28, 1986) is an American recording artist. She began performing in the rock music scene of New York City's Lower East Side in 2003 and enrolled at New York University's Tisch School of the Arts. She soon signed with Streamline Records, an imprint of Interscope Records. During her early time at Interscope, she worked as a songwriter for fellow label artists and captured the attention of Akon, who recognized her vocal abilities, and signed her to his own label, Kon Live Distribution.
Released on August 19, 2008, her debut album, The Fame, reached number one in the UK, Canada, Austria, Germany and Ireland, and reached the top-ten in numerous countries worldwide; in the United States, it peaked at two on the Billboard 200 chart and topped Billboard's Dance/Electronic Albums chart. Its first two singles, "Just Dance" and "Poker Face", co-written and co-produced with RedOne, became international number-one hits, topping the Billboard Hot 100 in the United States as well as the charts of other countries. The album later earned a total of six Grammy Award nominations and won awards for Best Electronic/Dance Album and Best Dance Recording. In early 2009 she embarked on her first headlining tour, The Fame Ball Tour. By the fourth quarter of the year, she had released her second studio album The Fame Monster, with the global chart-topping lead single "Bad Romance", as well as having embarked on her second headlining tour of the year, The Monster Ball Tour.
Lady Gaga is inspired by glam rock artists such as David Bowie and Queen, as well as pop musicians such as Madonna and Michael Jackson. She has also stated fashion is a source of inspiration for her songwriting and performances. Gaga was ranked the 73rd Artist of the 2000-10 decade by Billboard. As of May 2010, Gaga has sold over 15 million albums and over 40 million singles worldwide. In May 2010, Time magazine included Gaga in its annual Time 100 list of the most influential people in the world. In June 2010, Forbes listed Gaga fourth on its list of the 100 Most Powerful and Influential celebrities in the world; she is also ranked as the second most powerful musician in the world.

Sunday, July 25, 2010

start a new life

it is not easy to renew yourself and make a new you. You must be fully decided enough to alter everything, to welcome yourself for a new beginning. it's hard to forget and to erase all the things you have done but once you've think that it is not good to continue the things you've been doing. It's time to realize that you need to change and start a new life which could totally bring you to a wonderful beginning.

Shakira - Waka Waka

this video made my day, i saw this video before through my classmate, she uploading to her facebook. then it catches my attention. i hope you would enjoy watching this waka-waka by shakira

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

be happy

Happiness is always a by-product. It is probably a matter of temperament, and for anything I know it may be glandular. But it is not something that can be demanded from life, and if you are not happy you had better stop worrying about it and see what treasures you can pluck from your own brand of unhappiness. i been so worried for almost a month. it came to the point that i conclude to get my own life, but i guess the only thing to consider nowadays is how to be happy even you're in the most dangerous problem in your life. i just hoped that it would end up soon

Monday, July 19, 2010


1. PREVENT IT. How much stress do you cause just by putting unnecessary pressure on yourself? Do you over react to little things that annoy you? Every time you let anger or frustration take control, it drains away good energy and sidetracks you from more important things. Obviously, you can't always control what goes on around you, but you can control how you respond. Try a little more patience next time you get caught in traffic and you'll avoid unnecessary stress.

2. SET GOALS. Some people drift through life going from crisis to crisis letting stress build up. If you set goals, you can take better control of your life. Think where you'd like to be in 1 year or 5 years. Be realistic by starting with small, daily goals, then build up from there. Re-evaluate your goals from time to time and be prepared to adjust them as changes occur in your life.

3. ESTABLISH PRIORITIES. Do you often feel rushed because "there's no time"? Why not regulate the pace of your life? Plan ahead. Make a list of tasks in order of priority. Concentrate on what's really important to you and drop those things that only waste your energy.

4. TAKE TIME OUT. Spend a few minutes alone each day to break the routine. This helps ease stress and gives you a better perspective of what's around you. Set aside time during the week for recreation, hobbies, or exercise. Regular exercise is an excellent way to reduce stress. Physical fitness gives you a feeling of well-being by relieving tension and increasing productivity.

5. HAVE FAITH. Peace of mind comes to those who trust in God's power to lessen life's burdens through prayer.

6. THINK POSITIVELY. Having a positive attitude will help you assert yourself and feel more in control. You waste energy if you constantly criticize yourself or set unrealistic goals. Negative thoughts generally produce negative results. Instead of saying, "I can't," practice saying, "I can." You'll be surprised how much more you can accomplish.

7. HAVE A SENSE OF HUMOR. Laughter can be one of the best medicines for stress. Being able to laugh at yourself and the world can break tension and give you some relief from stress.

8. COMMUNICATE. Suffering in silence only increases the stress you build up inside. Talk over your feelings and concerns with your family, a friend, counselor, preacher, or health professional. "Thinking out loud" like this not only relieves stress, but may also shed new light on your problems. Learn to listen and consider suggestions with an open mind.

9. MAKE DECISIONS. Most people have no idea how much stress they create for themselves by resisting change. They wait, hoping a situation will go back to the way it was. Why wait when you have choices and could make a decision? When it's time to change old habits and move forward, make your own change for the better.

10. GET SUPPORT. Do you sometimes find problems too personal to discuss? Or feel they may be too much of a burden on others? Find a support group in your community. Remember, you're not alone. Other people with similar problems understand what you're going through without the need for lengthy explanations. They share your concerns and they want to learn how to cope with stress, too.

Saturday, July 17, 2010


let us start our sunday morning with a great Music!

Friday, July 16, 2010

Chris Brown "I Can Transform Ya" Video and lyrics

[Lil Wayne]
Go hey Lil Mama,
I can transform ya,
i can’t dance but I can dance on ya,
Swiss on the beats, Chris move ya feet,
and baby I can transform ya him to a me,
I can change you life, make it so new,
make you never want to go back to the old you,
Ciroc and lime, give it a lil time,
and she can transform like Optimus Prime,

[Chris Brown]
Need a ride I can Range you up,
money i can change you up,
you can ride your own, no longer be the passenger,
swag low I build you up,
knees we can stand you up,
red lips, red dress, like em like a fire truck,

What you need, you can have that,
my black card they won’t decline that,
see potential in ya,
let me mould that,

I can transform ya like a transformer,
I can transform ya,
I can transform ya,
Anything ya want, i can get it for ya,
your my baby girl shoulda know I did it for ya,
I can trans, I can trans, I can transform ya,

Shoes you got it (got it)
Bags you got it (got it),
cars you got it (got it),
money still got it (got it),
I can transform ya, I can transform ya,
Anything you want I can (i can) get it for ya,

See me in the video you can have it really though,
iced out everything, like an eskimo,
wanna fly, we can go, anywhere you wanna go,
Jimmy Choos in Italy, Louie V in Tokyo,

something like Pinnochio,
if you lie down imma grow,
wanna see me do it big,
i can show you how it goes,
take you from an amateur to being professional,
(I can have you swag surfing – autotune)

What you need, you can have that,
my black card
see potential in ya,
let me mould that,


[Lil Wayne]
I can transform ya like a transformer,
i can turn you from a human to a Carter,
take you off the bench and turn ya to a starter,
then take you home and put you on a charger,
then (then) my cars transforms to a charter,
and we can fly to wherever you ever thought of,
hehe, i take you to wherever its warmer,
then i gotta rip off your dress like a warm up,
hehe, but Im just getting warmed up,
so tell your man he better get his voltron up,
i transform her to a Ducati and then I transform me to a Bugatti,
cos her form puts me in a trance,
i transform smaller and she puts me in her pants,
Swiss on the Beat, Chris move ya feet
and we can transform a good girl to a freak,


Monday, July 12, 2010

never fooled anyone

I've never fooled anyone.They bother to find out who and what I was. they would invent a character for me. I wouldn't argue with them. They were obviously loving somebody I wasn't( dont ruin my life, i dont deserve this!, please malooy mo nako:( you've think not that bad<++>).,if you just knew the story, you... wouldn't judge me that way!.)

Sunday, July 11, 2010

drop it!

ill open a new chapter in my life today, i should be living my life that i used to have before. it horrifies my whole ambitions if i would continue my unlovely activities in my human life. i must accept and forget what i have done, so i could perfectly pursue my dreams. i will drop and sacrifice my love life, for me to focus things out. it's hard to imagine that i will be doing everything to surrender my happiness.

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Passenger Seat

I look at her and have to smile
As we go driving for a while
Looking nowhere in the open window of my car
And as we go the traffic lights
Watch them glimmer in her eyes
In the darkness of the evening

And I've got all that I need
Right here in the passenger seat
Oh and I can't keep my eyes on the road
Knowing that she's inches from me

We stop to get something to drink
My mind pounds and I can't think
Scared to death to say I love her
Then a moon peeks from the clouds
Hear my heart that beats so loud
Try to tell her simply

That I've got all that I need
Right here in the passenger seat
Oh I can't keep my eyes on the road
Knowing that she's inches from me

Oh and I've got all that I need
Right here in the passenger seat
Oh and I can't keep my eyes on the road
Knowing that she's inches from me

Oh and I know this love grow

Oh I've got all that I need
Right here in the passenger seat
Oh and I can't keep my eyes on the road
Knowing that she's inches from me

And I've got all that I need
Right here in the passenger seat
Oh and I can't keep my eyes on the road
Knowing that she's inches from me

And I've got all that I need
Right here in the passenger seat
Oh and I can't keep my eyes on the road
Knowing that she's inches from me

And I've got all that I need
Right here in the passenger seat

Thursday, July 8, 2010

a trip

when we had our trip @ manila last march 2010, i wish i could turn back the time, i really missed those days. it is one of my unforgettable moment in my life. it is also my first time to ride in an airplane. we just stayed 4 days on manila yet i have so much fun with the place. i remembered that we caught by an earthquake while staying @ the 6th floor of the hotel, it was shaking and scary cause you can really feel the intense of how it shakes the building but after all our trip was awesome.

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

i believe

I believe that it is better to tell the truth than a lie. I believe it is better to be free than to be a slave. And I believe it is better to know than to be ignorant. i believe that it is good to be true than to hide. if i can turn back the time, i would scape this day. im still shaking of the words that i heard from my boss. she's mad at me and telling all the worst words. I really wish that this trials would end tomorrow..

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Whatever has to be done, it's always your choice.

Whatever has to be done, it's always your choice. it's nothing to be blame of the actions you have done. i suffered too much because of my decisions. it's my choice and i cant blame him, its just that im blind of my feelings, i knew already that this journey could be gone to worst but still im pushing myself to be with him. last night, it was deeply hurting to decide of quitting him and totally leaving him for good. i decided to keep distance on him because i know that this is the great decision to be done. like what i have said that
whatever has to be done, it's always your choice.

Monday, July 5, 2010

its you

i was not happy of what i have achieved this time. ill try to change everything and to renovate my entire attitude. for a past few days, i have realized that no one can catch you from being fall, its yourself who could really help you. i try to ask for a help yet no one ever responses. its really you can totally handle every decisions or mistakes you may encounter but the people who you ask for a help has its right to do nothing out of your problem. you cant really please them out. just strive alone and you will achieve the things alone..

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

AGB Mega Manila TV Ratings (March 31-April 6): Agua Bendita maintains lead; Diva jumps to second

March 31, Wednesday


Diz Iz It! (GMA-7) 9.7%; Showtime (ABS-CBN) 14.4%

Eat Bulaga! (GMA-7) 17%; Daisy Siete: Bebe & Me (GMA-7) 13.4%; Wowowee (ABS-CBN) 14.7%

Gumapang Ka Sa Lusak (GMA-7) 12.3%; Magkano ang Iyong Dangal? (ABS-CBN) 11.5%

Ina, Kasusuklaman Ba Kita? (GMA-7) 13.2%; Maria de Jesus: Anghel Sa Lansangan (ABS-CBN) 8.6%; Banana Split Daily Servings (ABS-CBN) 6.1%

Ripley's Believe It Or Not (GMA-7) 7.5%; Pilipinas Got Talent (ABS-CBN) 7.3%

Family Feud (GMA-7) 8.2%; Lumang Piso Para Sa Puso (ABS-CBN) 9%


First Time (GMA-7) 14.2%; Tanging Yaman (ABS-CBN) 13.1%

24 Oras (GMA-7) 22.3%; TV Patrol World (ABS-CBN) 19.5%

Panday Kids (GMA-7) 24.3%; Agua Bendita (ABS-CBN) 26.8%

The Last Prince (GMA-7) 25.8%; Kung Tayo'y Magkakalayo (ABS-CBN) 24.8%

Diva (GMA-7) 26%; Habang May Buhay (ABS-CBN) 21.8%

Queen Seon Deok (GMA-7) 24.3%; Rubi (ABS-CBN) 20.6%; SNN: Showbiz News Ngayon (ABS-CBN) 14.2%

Saksi (GMA-7) 13.5%; Bandila (ABS-CBN) 7.1%

April 1, Holy Thursday

Hunter X Hunter (GMA-7) 12%; Race-Tin Flash & Dash (GMA-7) 13.6%; Knock Out (GMA-7) 13.5%; Peter Pan & The Pirates (ABS-CBN) 6.9%

Dayo Sa Mundo ng Elementalya (GMA-7) 17.2%; Matanglawin (ABS-CBN) 14.4%

Enteng Kabisote: Okay Ka Fairy Ko...The Legend (GMA-7) 29.3%; Noon at Ngayon (ABS-CBN) 12.4%

Batas Sa Aking Kamay (GMA-7) 25.5%; Witnessing the Light Part 1 (ABS-CBN) 7.2%

Wish Ko Lang (GMA-7) 17.5%; First Time Marathon (GMA-7) 13.3%; One More Chance (ABS-CBN) 12.5%

Tanikala: Ang Ikalawang Libro (GMA-7) 16.2%; The Celebration of the Last Supper (ABS-CBN) 4.6%

American Idol (GMA-7) 12.2%; Obra Presents Sunshine Dizon "Butch" (GMA-7) 19.5%; Kung Ako Na Lang Sana (ABS-CBN) 17.1%

American Idol Replay (GMA-7) 9.3%; Planet Philippines (GMA-7) 11.1%; Agua Bendita: The Holy Week Marathon (ABS-CBN) 29.8%

Born To Be Wild (GMA-7) 12%; I Witness (GMA-7) 12%; A Dangerous Life Part 1 (ABS-CBN) 14%

April 2, Good Friday

Hunter X Hunter (GMA-7) 7.6%; Race-Tin Flash & Dash (GMA-7) 10.5%; Knock Out (GMA-7) 13.2%; Peter Pan & The Pirates (ABS-CBN) 7.2%

Rubberman (GMA-7) 21.7%; Matanglawin (ABS-CBN) 12%

Siete Palabras 2010 (GMA-7) 11.4%; 7 Last Words (ABS-CBN) 8.1%

Wish Ko Lang (GMA-7) 14.6%; First Time Marathon (GMA-7) 16.6%; Ang Aming Mga Sala (ABS-CBN) 4.3%

Tanikala: Ang Ikalawang Libro (GMA-7) 19.5%; Veneration of the Cross (ABS-CBN) 3%

I.T.A.L.Y. (GMA-7) 18.4%; Sarah, Ang Munting Prinsesa (ABS-CBN) 16.6%

Let the Love Begin (GMA-7) 25.4%; Agua Bendita: The Holy Week Marathon (ABS-CBN) 20.7%

Till I Met You (GMA-7) 22.8%; Born To Be Wild (GMA-7) 12.6%; I Witness (GMA-7) 9%; A Dangerous Life Part 2 (ABS-CBN) 9.8%

April 3, Black Saturday

Hunter X Hunter (GMA-7) 13.6%; Race-Tin Flash & Dash (GMA-7) 12.2%; Knock Out (GMA-7) 16.9%; Peter Pan & The Pirates (ABS-CBN) 9.5%

Ploning (GMA-7) 14.7%; Matanglawin (ABS-CBN) 15.7%

Enteng Kabisote: Okay Ka Fairy Ko 2...The Legend Continues (GMA-7) 25.5%; Forevermore (ABS-CBN) 16.5%

Manaoag: The Call of the Virgin (GMA-7) 9.8%; Witnessing the Light Part 1 (ABS-CBN) 4.9%

Wish Ko Lang (GMA-7) 13.3%; First Time Marathon (GMA-7) 15%; Ang Aming Mga Sala (ABS-CBN) 3.3%; Behind the Cross (TV5) 0.4%; Dora The Explorer (TV5) 1.9%

Gulong (GMA-7) 10.7%; Sakal Sakali Saklolo (ABS-CBN) 13.9%; Wonder Pets (TV5) 2.9%; Catdog (TV5) 3.5%; The Adventures of Jimmy Neutron (TV5) 4.5%; Spongebob Squarepants (TV5) 5.6%; Avatar The Legend of Aang (TV5) 5.6%

Anghel Sa Lupa (GMA-7) 20.8%; TV Patrol World (ABS-CBN) 21.5%; Santa Santita (TV5) 3.8%

Sacregivers (GMA-7) 19.9%; Agua Bendita: The Holy Week Marathon (ABS-CBN) 23.5%; Ang Mga Pinakabanal Na Tao ng Simbahan (TV5) 1.5%

Born To Be Wild (GMA-7) 16.3%; I Witness (GMA-7) 11.4%; A Dangerous Life (ABS-CBN) 13.6%; Kerygma TV (TV5) 0.4%; Found By A Love (TV5) 0.1%

Way of the Cross (GMA-7) 2.4%; Easter Vigil (ABS-CBN) 2.4%

April 4, Sunday


Zooperstars (GMA-7) 10.4%; Matanglawin (ABS-CBN) 11.6%

Party Pilipinas (GMA-7) 12.7%; ASAP XV (ABS-CBN) 12.7%

Dear Friend: My Stalking Heart (GMA-7) 9.3%; Your Song Presents Isla (ABS-CBN) 10.6%

Showbiz Central (GMA-7) 9.4%; The Buzz (ABS-CBN) 10%


24 Oras Weekend (GMA-7) 17.9%; TV Patrol Linggo (ABS-CBN) 15.4%

Pepito Manaloto (GMA-7) 20.9%; Goin' Bulilit (ABS-CBN) 17.4%

Kap's Amazing Stories (GMA-7) 17%; Rated K (ABS-CBN) 19.5%

Mel & Joey (GMA-7) 14%; Pilipinas Got Talent (ABS-CBN) 23.7%

Show Me Da Manny (GMA-7) 15.4%; Sharon (ABS-CBN) 15.5%

SNBO: Dahil Tanging Ikaw (GMA-7) 12.5%; Sunday's Best: Pirates of the Caribbean (ABS-CBN) 8.4%

April 5, Monday


Diz Iz It! (GMA-7) 9.7%; Showtime (ABS-CBN) 16.9%

Eat Bulaga! (GMA-7) 16%; Daisy Siete: Bebe & Me (GMA-7) 12.6%; Wowowee (ABS-CBN) 16%

Gumapang Ka Sa Lusak (GMA-7) 12.4%; Magkano ang Iyong Dangal? (ABS-CBN) 10.8%

Ina, Kasusuklaman Ba Kita? (GMA-7) 12%; Maria de Jesus: Anghel Sa Lansangan (ABS-CBN) 9.2%; Banana Split Daily Servings (ABS-CBN) 8%

Wipeout (GMA-7) 7.3%; Pilipinas Got Talent (ABS-CBN) 7.5%

Family Feud (GMA-7) 7.7%; Love Me Again (ABS-CBN) 9.2%


First Time (GMA-7) 17.7%; Tanging Yaman (ABS-CBN) 14%

24 Oras (GMA-7) 24.7%; TV Patrol World (ABS-CBN) 22.5%

Panday Kids (GMA-7) 22.4%; Agua Bendita (ABS-CBN) 33.9%

The Last Prince (GMA-7) 25.6%; Kung Tayo'y Magkakalayo (ABS-CBN) 28.1%

Diva (GMA-7) 24.9%; Habang May Buhay (ABS-CBN) 21.6%

Queen Seon Deok (GMA-7) 24.5%; Rubi (ABS-CBN) 18%; SNN: Showbiz News Ngayon (ABS-CBN) 13.3%

Saksi (GMA-7) 11%; Bandila (ABS-CBN) 7%

April 6, Tuesday


Diz Iz It! (GMA-7) 9.3%; Showtime (ABS-CBN) 15.4%

Eat Bulaga! (GMA-7) 16.2%; Daisy Siete: Bebe & Me (GMA-7) 12.3%; Wowowee (ABS-CBN) 14.4%

Gumapang Ka Sa Lusak (GMA-7) 12.5%; Magkano ang Iyong Dangal? (ABS-CBN) 10%

Ina, Kasusuklaman Ba Kita? (GMA-7) 11.9%; Maria de Jesus: Anghel Sa Lansangan (ABS-CBN) 8.5%; Banana Split Daily Servings (ABS-CBN) 6.7%

Wipeout (GMA-7) 10.4%; Pilipinas Got Talent (ABS-CBN) 6.3%

Family Feud (GMA-7) 10.7%; Love Me Again (ABS-CBN) 7.7%


First Time (GMA-7) 16.4%; Tanging Yaman (ABS-CBN) 15.3%

24 Oras (GMA-7) 25.2%; TV Patrol World (ABS-CBN) 21.5%

Panday Kids (GMA-7) 23.8%; Agua Bendita (ABS-CBN) 32.2%

The Last Prince (GMA-7) 28%; Kung Tayo'y Magkakalayo (ABS-CBN) 25.4%

Diva (GMA-7) 30.2%; Habang May Buhay (ABS-CBN) 22.7%

Queen Seon Deok (GMA-7) 27%; Rubi (ABS-CBN) 19.3%; SNN: Showbiz News Ngayon (ABS-CBN) 12.3%

Saksi (GMA-7) 13%; Bandila (ABS-CBN) 6.7%

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

I-Witness documentary earns for GMA-7 its second Peabody Award

The I-Witness documentary "Ambulansiyang de Paa" is among the 36 recipients of the 69th Peabody Awards this year. This episode of the GMA-7 show was the Philippines' lone entry in the prestigious award-giving body.

The official website of the Peabody Awards described the documentary thus: "Condemning deplorable conditions while celebrating neighborly valor and ingenuity, the report shows how people in a poor village carry their sick and injured over dangerous terrain to distant medical care using 'ambulances on foot.'"

Aired on March 2009, "Ambulansiyang de Paa" was hosted by Kara David and directed by Nowell Cuanang. It chronicled how residents of the Mangyan community of Apnagan in upland Oriental Mindoro use woven hammocks to carry sick people to distant hospitals because there is no health center in their area.

In a phone interview with GMA News, Kara expresssed her gratitude to the Peabody Awards for acknowledging her work. "Malaking karangalan yung manalo ka ng Peabody or something na hindi mo naman inisip, you just wanted to help. Gusto mo lang ipakita yung buhay ng mga Mangyan doon at yung hirap na pinagdaraanan nila," she said.

Kara is the daughter of veteran columnist Randy David.

In 1999, GMA Network was honored with a Peabody award for investigative reporting in its "outstanding commitment to investigative reporting and for its efforts to achieve social change."

The 1999 Peabody honored the I-Witness episode "Kidneys for Sale" by Jessica Soho and Jay Taruc's "Child Labor" story on the now defunct news magazine Brigada Siyete.

It is interesting to note that HBO's "Thrilla in Manila," a documentary that probes the hype, mythology and meaning of the politically charged Muhammad Ali-Joe Frazier fights in the early 1970s, was also honored with a Peabody Award this year.

Diane Sawyer will host the 69th Annual Awards ceremony on May 17 at the Waldorf-Astoria in New York City.

The Peabody Awards recognizes distinguished achievement and meritorious public service by TV and radio stations, networks, cablecasters, webcasters, production organizations and individuals.

The board that chooses this year's recipients is composed of television critics, broadcast and cable industry executives, academics and experts in culture and the arts. All entries become a permanent part of the Peabody Archive in the University of Georgia Libraries.

LIST OF WINNERS. Here is the complete list of winners of the 69th Peabody Awards:

Modern Family (ABC)

Twentieth Century Fox Television in association with Levitan Lloyd Productions.

This wily, witty comedy puts quirky, contemporary twists in family ties but maintains an old-fashioned heart.

The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson: An Evening with Archbishop Desmond Tutu (CBS)
Worldwide Pants, Inc.
As this fascinating, often funny interview attests, the Scottish-born Ferguson has made late-night television safe again for ideas.

Noodle Road: Connecting Asia's Kitchens (KBS1 TV)
Korean Broadcasting System
The who, where, what, why and how of Asia's culinary staple, rolled into one visually delicious hour.

A Hidden America: Children of the Mountains (ABC)
ABC News
A powerful documentary shot in the hollows and house trailers of Appalachia reminds us that not all critical problems lie in "developing" nations.
Sesame Workshop
Big Bird and company display prodigious adaptability on this delightfully educational, interactive site.

BBC World News America: Unique Broadcast, Unique Perspective (BBC America)
BBC World News America, BBC America
A nightly newscast like none the United States has ever had, it places our actions and concerns in a global context.

The Cost of Dying (CBS)
CBS News 60 Minutes
Steve Kroft's report addressed inconvenient truths about the cost of end-of-life medical care with courage and compassion.

Independent Lens: Between the Folds (PBS)
Green Fuse Films, ITVS
A beautiful documentary about the art of paper folding, it makes you gasp at the possibilities -- of paper and of human creativity.

Glee (FOX)
Twentieth Century Fox Television
Dependably tuneful and entertaining, the musical dramedy that revolves around the motley members of a high-school choral club hit especially high notes with episodes such as "Wheels," about the daily struggles of a wheelchair-bound singer.

The OxyContin Express
(Current TV)
Vanguard on Current TV
With tales of drug-dealing MDs in Florida and Appalachian "pill-billies," the documentary makes clear the enormity of the prescription-drug epidemic.
National Public Radio
A whole lot of things considered, from "South Park" to North Korea, make this one of the great one-stop websites. And there's music you can dance to.

Diane Rehm Personal Award
Now available to National Public Radio listeners after decades on Washington's WAMU-FM, Rehm's talk show is the gold standard for civil, civic discourse.

The Day that Lehman Died
(BBC World Service)
A Goldhawk Essential Production/BBC World Service Production
Merging news with dramatic reconstruction based on exhaustive interviews, this rare docudrama for radio put listeners in the boardroom and halls of Lehman Brothers as the financial giant collapsed.

In Treatment
Leverage, Closest to the Hole Productions and Sheleg in association with HBO Entertainment
Giving new meaning to the phrase "theater of the mind,' this fictional series of psychiatrist-patient one-on-one's is the very essence of drama.

Inventing LA: The Chandlers and Their Times
Peter Jones Productions
Digging into the lives and machinations of the first family of Los Angeles newspapers, documentary filmmaker Peter Jones finds drama enough for several feature films.

No. 1 Ladies' Detective Agency
Mirage Enterprises and Cinechicks in association with The Weinstein Company, BBC and HBO Entertainment
Alexander McCall Smith's best-selling novels about Precious Ramotswe, an African detective, come vividly to life in this groundbreaking series, shot on location in Botswana.

Sabotaging the System
CBS News 60 Minutes
Alarming and then some, Steve Kroft's survey of cyber-threats to America's infrastructure made it clear the siege is on and questioned our readiness to defend.

Brick City
(Sundance Channel)
Sundance Channel, Brick City TV LLC
In this five-hour documentary series, the struggles of Newark's young mayor and other citizens trying to resurrect their blighted communities are sociologically instructive and dramatically compelling.

Thrilla in Manila
Darlow Smithson Production, HBO Sports, HBO Documentary Films
Taking its title from the last of three legendary heavyweight bouts between Muhammad Ali and Joe Frazier, the documentary pulls no punches and lays bare misconceptions about their rivalry.

FRONTLINE: The Madoff Affair
The documentary takes viewers into the very heart of Bernie Madoff's Ponzi scheme, explaining how and why it worked for so long.

I-Witness: Ambulansiyang de Paa
(GMA Network)

GMA Network, Inc., Philippines
Condemning deplorable conditions while celebrating neighborly valor and ingenuity, the report shows how people in a poor village carry their sick and injured over dangerous terrain to distant medical care using "ambulances on foot."

Independent Lens: The Order of Myths
Folly River, Inc., Netpoint Productions, Lucky Hat Entertainment, ITVS
Margaret Brown's exploration of two Mardi Gras traditions in Mobile, Ala., one white, one black, is highly original, moving and insightful.

Hard Times
(OPB Radio)
Oregon Public Broadcasting
The Main Street repercussions of Wall Street's reckless ways were nowhere in the media more humanly and thoughtfully documented than in this series of radio reports.

Brook Lapping Productions for the BBC in association with National Geographic Channel, France 3, NHK, VPRO, SVT, RTBF, VRT, NRK, SRC/CBC, DRTV SBS, YLE, TVP and Press TV
A spectacular, epic documentary that explains in fascinating, sometimes startling detail how the West and Iran arrived at the present standoff, it's imminently watchable and historically invaluable.

Soraya Sarhaddi Nelson: Covering Afghanistan
National Public Radio
No reporter in any medium gives us a better sense of the variety of life inside Afghanistan than the multi-lingual chief of NPR's Kabul bureau.

The Great Textbook War
(West Virginia Public Broadcasting)
Trey Kay Productions
This thoughtful, balanced and gripping radio documentary shows how a 1974 battle over textbook content in rural West Virginia foreshadows the "culture wars" still raging.

Mind the Gap: Why Good Schools Are Failing Black Students
(Public Radio Stations)
Nancy Solomon
Independent producer Solomon exhibited great empathy for the students and teachers at the suburban New Jersey high school she studied, meanwhile asking tough, necessary questions.

Daybreak/Channel 4/Target Entertainment, Presented on PBS/MASTERPIECE by WGBH Boston
This intensely dramatic film, focused on secret negotiations at an English country estate–talks that helped to end apartheid in South Africa–offers a lesson in the possibilities of peaceful conflict resolution.

Sichuan Earthquake: One Year On
(Now-Broadband TV News Channel)
Now-TV News, Hong Kong
The Hong Kong-based news organization noted the anniversary of the terrible Sichuan quake with respect for the victims and their families and hard questions about the substandard construction that worsened the death toll.

BART Shooting
KTVU, Oakland, Calif.
KTVU's quick response to a train-station altercation that ended in a fatal shooting gave its reporters an edge, but it was their persistent digging afterwards that revealed serious, systematic problems in the Bay Area Rapid Transit police's tactics.

American Masters: Jerome Robbins -- Something to Dance About
A retrospective of Robbins' life and work illustrated with dazzling performance clips and annotated with comments from noted ballet and Broadway colleagues, this brilliant documentary captured the legendary director/choreographer's "dark genius."

Chronicle: Paul's Gift
WYFF 4, Greenville, S.C.
Simple, ingenious and effective, this public-service special followed the donated organs of an accident victim to a variety of recipients, showing their joy and gratitude, thus boosting a most worthy cause.

Under Fire: Discrimination and Corruption in the Texas National Guard
KHOU-TV, Houston, Tex., Belo, Inc.
Dogged work by the Houston station's investigative reporters found such blatant discriminatory treatment of female soldiers that three top Texas Guard generals were fired and a new commanding officer was appointed.

Derrion Albert Beating
FOX Chicago News: WFLD-TV and
WFLD got national attention with horrifying video it obtained of the beating death of an honor student just blocks from his Chicago high school, but the greater feat was its comprehensive follow-up coverage of the suspects, the legal process and prevalence of similar violence.

Where Giving Life Is a Death Sentence
(BBC America)
BBC World News America, BBC America, BBC World News, Newsnight
Correspondent Lyse Doucet trekked deep into Afghanistan's rugged Badakshan province to document conditions that give it the worst recorded rate of maternal mortality in the world.

Up in Smoke
KCET, Los Angeles
Lively, eye-opening coverage by KCET's "SoCal Connected" included a revelation that there are now more legal, medical-marijuana dispensaries in the city than Starbucks franchises, and a rare look at the "Cannabis Cowboys," an elite police team of pot-farm eradicators.

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Derek Ramsay and Angelica Panganiban Photo Scandal

PUMUTOK KAMAKAILAN ANG balitang tinapos na nina Derek Ramsay at Angelica Panganiban ang kanilang three-year relationship. Ang pagiging selosa raw kasi ni Angel ang naging ugat ng kanilang paghihiwalay.

Derek and Angel, however, vehemently denied the rumor. Nagkatampuhan lang daw sila ng ilang araw. “All relationships have problems. Angel and I had some problems but it’s not third party, not pagseselos,” Derek clarified. He admitted that they both needed some time for themselves pero naayos naman daw ito matapos nilang mag-usap.

Derek detonated four explosive issues hurled at him during the interview.

First, totoo bang selosa si Angel? Iyakin pero hindi raw selosa ang kanyang girlfriend.

Second, binigyang-linaw niya ang kanyang kumalat na larawan kasama ang isang non-showbiz girl. The lady in question is Derek’s friend and their photo was taken in Cebu during the Sinulog Festival. “I have lots of pictures like that. Fans would ask you kung pwedeng pa-picture na hinahalikan mo ako. I’ll do it coz it’s harmless.”

Third, Derek clarified the issue that he often fetches Saida Diola, a member of a noontime show dance group, at Broadway Centrum. He apologized to Saida for being dragged into the controversy. Pinabulaanan din ni Derek ang balitang binigyan niya ito ng diamond ring.

Fourth, nagsalita siya tungkol sa diumano’y muli nilang pagkikita ng ex-girlfriend na si Solenn Heusaff. “I haven’t seen Solenn for a long time. Communication wise, a text or two but it’s been months.”

Tama si Derek nang sabihin niya na hindi lang ang mga pagsubok na ito ang posible nilang harapin ni Angel sa kanilang relasyon. Ngayon pa lang ay iniintriga nang hindi boto ang pamilya ni Derek kay Angel. “Hindi makikipagplastikan ang pamilya ko sa isang taong hindi nila gusto. If that’s the case, just leave my family out kasi they’re really honest and good people,” depensa ni Derek.

The success of any romantic relationship is a joint effort. Sabi nga, it takes two to tango. Paano ka sasabay sa mabilis, mabagal, romantiko at nakahihilong sayaw ng pag-ibig? At paano kung ikaw ay napagod na,

how do you keep the love burning?

Derek and Angel are both busy with their respective projects. Mapapanood si Derek sa Habang May Buhay samantalang si Angel ay nasa Banana Split at Rubi. Pero gaya ng ibang couples na in-love, wala pa bang planong magpakasal nina Derek and Angel? Balitang nasalo ni Angel ang bouquet sa wedding ng kanyang best friend. Magkatotoo kaya sa kanya ang paniniwala nating mga Pinoy na kung sinuman ang makasalo ng bridal flower ay siya ang susunod na ikakasal? Abangan.

Kaibigan, usap tayo muli!

Points of Boy
by Boy Abunda!/pages/kapuso/340693612063

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

"I am proud to say that I am a fortunate homosexual man."

RICKY'S BLOG ENTRY. Narito ang kabuuan ng blog entry ni Ricky kung saan ipinagtapat niya ang kanyang tunay na pagkatao:

"I personally believe that being gay does not define who a person is, yet, one should not deny its significance. To reveal to the world that one is gay is not for all, but to those who choose to do so usually experience a certain feeling of freedom and excitement for life's fullness.

"A few months ago I decided to write my memoirs, a project I knew was going to bring me closer to an amazing turning point in my life. From the moment I wrote the first phrase I was sure the book was the tool that was going to help me free myself from things I was carrying within me for a long time. Things that were too heavy for me to keep inside. Writing this account of my life, I got very close to my truth. And this is something worth celebrating.

"For many years, there has been only one place where I am in touch with my emotions fearlessly and that's the stage. Being on stage fills my soul in many ways, almost completely. It's my vice. The music, the lights and the roar of the audience are elements that make me feel capable of anything. This rush of adrenaline is incredibly addictive. I don't ever want to stop feeling these emotions. But it is serenity that brings me to where I'm at right now. An amazing emotional place of comprehension, reflection and enlightenment. At this moment I'm feeling the same freedom I usually feel only on stage, without a doubt, I need to share.

"Many people told me: "Ricky it's not important", "it's not worth it", "all the years you've worked and everything you've built will collapse", "many people in the world are not ready to accept your truth, your reality, your nature". Because all this advice came from people who I love dearly, I decided to move on with my life not sharing with the world my entire truth. Allowing myself to be seduced by fear and insecurity became a self-fulfilling prophecy of sabotage. Today I take full responsibility for my decisions and my actions.

"If someone asked me today, "Ricky, what are you afraid of?" I would answer "the blood that runs through the streets of countries at war...child slavery, terrorism...the cynicism of some people in positions of power, the misinterpretation of faith." But fear of my truth? Not at all! On the contrary, It fills me with strength and courage. This is just what I need especially now that I am the father of two beautiful boys that are so full of light and who with their outlook teach me new things every day. To keep living as I did up until today would be to indirectly diminish the glow that my kids where born with. Enough is enough. This has to change. This was not supposed to happen 5 or 10 years ago, it is supposed to happen now. Today is my day, this is my time, and this is my moment.

"These years in silence and reflection made me stronger and reminded me that acceptance has to come from within and that this kind of truth gives me the power to conquer emotions I didn't even know existed.

"What will happen from now on? It doesn't matter. I can only focus on what's happening to me in this moment. The word "happiness" takes on a new meaning for me as of today. It has been a very intense process. Every word that I write in this letter is born out of love, acceptance, detachment and real contentment. Writing this is a solid step towards my inner peace and vital part of my evolution.

"I am proud to say that I am a fortunate homosexual man. I am very blessed to be who I am."!/pages/kapuso/340693612063

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Sino si Pepito Manaloto?


Ngayong Sabado, makikilala na natin si Pepito Manaloto. Mapapanood na natin ang kanyang mga unique experiences sa buhay at kung bakit tinawag itong first ever reality sitcom ng GMA. Text by Loretta G. Ramirez. Photos courtesy of GMA Network

Sa set ng Bubble Gang hinarap ni Michael V ang para sa isang exclusive interview. We were really curious to know kung ano itong bagong show niya at kung sino ba talaga si Pepito Manaloto.

stars"Pepito Manaloto is a tale of discovery and exploration. 'Yung central character, si Pepito Manaloto ay isang mahirap na nanalo sa lotto ng isang napakalaking halaga at hindi niya alam kung anong gagawin dun," ang kuwento ni Bitoy sa amin.

"Meron tumulong sa kanya, si Carmina [Villaroel], si Maricar doon sa series, at siya 'yung parang nagi-introduce kay Pepito sa lifestyle of the rich and famous. Now as we go along with the story, every episode, may nadidiskubreng bago si Pepito at ang kanyang pamilya na hindi niya natikman o hindi niya naranansan noong mahirap pa siya."

And the story will proceed from there kaya nga siguro tinawag itong reality sitcom na kaunaunahan sa history ng Philippine television.

Kasama ni Bitoy dito si Manilyn Reynes, who will play the role of his wife Elsa, Ronnie Henares bilang kaaway ni Pepito na si Tommy Diones, John Feir as Pepito's best friend Patrick and Joshua Pineda, ang anak ni Pepito na si Chito, and with the special participation of veteran actor Freddie Webb.

This new show is an original brainchild of Bitoy, who is also one of GMA Network's creative directors. Pepito Manaloto is under the direction of well-respected director Bert de Leon.

Kaya naman don't miss the pilot episode of Pepito Manaloto this Saturday, March 20 on GMA's Sabado Star Power.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

'Avatar' Officially Overtakes 'Titanic' For Global Box Office Record With $1.85 Billion

It's official - "Avatar" is the new king of the world... or at least, the worldwide box office.

On Monday, the James Cameron-directed film passed Cameron's own "Titanic" as the highest grossing film of all-time, taking in $1.859 billion globally - after only 37 days in theaters.

Friday, January 15, 2010

my facebok comment

Paul Adriane
Paul Adriane
hahaha btaw tin!!! atay nlay kuwang!!! buwak rman sd akong ihatag!!! wlay daotang tumong!!! gus2 lang ko muhatag!!! murag pang goodbye lang bah!!! pa rigor sa utok bah!!! hehehe

@kramlo - wa man sd dyud bai!! nya pa ko anang mga in-ana in-ana!!! ngita lang ko ug rason pra mutagay hahaha ^_^ tanan butang naai rason mao nah!!!
33 minutes ago
Kramlo Gozales
Kramlo Gozales
reason that can reason out your excuses but over all it's all about love... hahahhahahha...
31 minutes ago ·
Paul Adriane
Paul Adriane
kai tanan tao nai kasing kasing!!! and the only reason where we all have equal footing :D
28 minutes ago
Kramlo Gozales
Kramlo Gozales
hahahahhahahhaahha equal footing but different perseption in life and certainly different ways..
24 minutes ago ·
Paul Adriane
Paul Adriane
which is why... we're vulnerable... because of the difference... Love = Human.... Gender = boundaries... Status = self esteem breaker.... all of this happens because of the existence of "guilt" for the norms in this world...
20 minutes ago
Kramlo Gozales
Kramlo Gozales
free will in short nothing else.......but in terms of vulnerability it matters on you...
17 minutes ago ·
Paul Adriane
Paul Adriane
all of us are vulnerable... unless we came out from a can ...and not from our mother...
14 minutes ago
Kramlo Gozales
Kramlo Gozales
if you tend to be vulnerable you could but everything has its own measure of "sense of control",,<..> hmmmm.. dont take it serious..
9 minutes ago ·

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Top 9 Signs Your Spouse Is Cheating

1. "I Love You But I'm Not In Love With You."

If you hear these words, a big warning bell should go off. This is one of the most consistent things a cheating spouse will say. Your spouse may have a deep, loving bond with you but, intense feelings of passion can override the bond with you and cause your spouse to loose sight of his/her true feelings. The cheating spouse will develop what I call hormone - induced amnesia. The surging hormones and passion they feel in their new relationship can cause some very skewed thinking.

2. "We are just friends."

This is also another very predictable statement that will come from a cheating spouse. If your spouse is spending more and more time with this new “friend” then there is probably more to it than mere friendship. Your spouse may feel they have a lot in common with this person, that this person understands them and things they are going through. Whatever the reasons for the friendship, it’s a big warning sign and one you should take seriously.

3. A sudden need for privacy.

If things the two of you used to share openly suddenly become private pay attention cause something is probably up. He/she may start password protecting computer activity. Cell phone and credit card bills may be hidden. If you ask why or attempt to find out information that used to be common knowledge between the two of you, you will be accused of snooping or trying to control your spouse. Big warning sign!

4. "I need some space to figure out my feelings."

Men and women who are involved with someone else will request more space, time alone or away from the family. They may say it is due to confusion over their feelings or stress at work. This can be a sign that there is someone else and the spouse is trying to figure out ways to have more freedom.

5. Regular work habits change.

Working late, going to work at odd hours or, putting in more time than is normal on work related issues can be indications that a spouse is cheating.

6. Spending a large amount of time on the computer.

In today’s world, with modern technology, a person looking for an affair doesn’t even have to leave their home. The ease of internet chat rooms, online dating sites and secret email accounts has caused an alarming increase in emotional affairs

If your spouse is online more than usual, hanging out in chat rooms and visiting pornographic websites then you have reason to be alarmed.

7. Secretive phone calls and more time spent on the phone.

Emotional affairs occur primarily via the phone, especially cell phones. If you find your spouse hanging up suddenly when you enter the room or erasing the history on the cell phone and becoming defensive when asked about it, then you might want to check your phone records.

8. Behavior that just doesn’t add up.

Not being where he/she was expected to be. Missing time they can’t explain. Money that isn’t accounted for. Receipts for things you don't have. Missing clothing. Clothing that does not belong to your family. Being caught in little lies about the details of the day.

9. Your Own fears and suspicions

If you find yourself looking for excuses for your spouse's behavior or trying to convince yourself that they would never cheat then that is a warning sign. Your intuition is frequently one of the best indicators that something is wrong. If you suspect your spouse might be cheating on you, do some investigating and then talk to him/her about what you've found. Do it in a way that is calm and courteous. Ask for honesty. Be prepared for lies. It is a sad fact that people having affairs become excellent liars. People who never told a lie before in their lives. Trust your gut instinct but get hard, cold proof also.

Monday, January 11, 2010

Please Hear What I'm Not Saying

Please Hear What I'm Not Saying

Don't be fooled by me.
Don't be fooled by the face I wear for I wear a mask,
a thousand masks,
masks that I'm afraid to take off,
and none of them is me.

Pretending is an art that's second nature with me,
but don't be fooled, for God's sake don't be fooled.
I give you the impression that I'm secure,
that all is sunny and unruffled with me,
within as well as without,
that confidence is my name and coolness my game,
that the water's calm and I'm in command and that I need no one,
but don't believe me.
My surface may seem smooth but my surface is my mask,
ever-varying and ever-concealing.
Beneath lies no complacence.
Beneath lies confusion, and fear, and aloneness.
But I hide this.
I don't want anybody to know it.
I panic at the thought of my weakness exposed.
That's why I frantically create a mask to hide behind,
a nonchalant sophisticated facade,
to help me pretend,
to shield me from the glance that knows.

But such a glance is precisely my salvation,
my only hope, and I know it.
That is, if it's followed by acceptance,
if it's followed by love.
It's the only thing that can liberate me from myself,
from my own self-built prison walls,
from the barriers I so painstakingly erect.
It's the only thing that will assure me of what I can't assure myself,
that I'm really worth something.
But I don't tell you this.
I don't dare to, I'm afraid to.
I'm afraid your glance will not be followed by acceptance,
will not be followed by love.
I'm afraid you'll think less of me,
that you'll laugh, and your laugh would kill me.
I'm afraid that deep-down I'm nothing
and that you will see this and reject me.

So I play my game, my desperate pretending game,
with a facade of assurance without and a trembling child within.
So begins the glittering but empty parade of masks,
and my life becomes a front.
I tell you everything that's really nothing,
and nothing of what's everything,
of what's crying within me.
So when I'm going through my routine
do not be fooled by what I'm saying.
Please listen carefully and try to hear what I'm not saying,
what I'd like to be able to say,
what for survival I need to say,
but what I can't say.

I don't like hiding.
I don't like playing superficial phony games.
I want to stop playing them.
I want to be genuine and spontaneous and me
but you've got to help me.
You've got to hold out your hand
even when that's the last thing I seem to want.
Only you can wipe away from my eyes
the blank stare of the breathing dead.
Only you can call me into aliveness.
Each time you're kind, and gentle, and encouraging,
each time you try to understand because you really care,
my heart begins to grow wings--
very small wings,
very feeble wings,
but wings!

With your power to touch me into feeling
you can breathe life into me.
I want you to know that.
I want you to know how important you are to me,
how you can be a creator--an honest-to-God creator--
of the person that is me if you choose to.
You alone can break down the wall behind which I tremble,
you alone can remove my mask,
you alone can release me from my shadow-world of panic,
from my lonely prison,
if you choose to.
Please choose to.

Do not pass me by.
It will not be easy for you.
A long conviction of worthlessness builds strong walls.
The nearer you approach to me the blinder I may strike back.
It's irrational, but despite what the books say about man
often I am irrational.
I fight against the very thing I cry out for.
But I am told that love is stronger than strong walls
and in this lies my hope.
Please try to beat down those walls
with firm hands but with gentle hands
for a child is very sensitive.

Who am I, you may wonder?
I am someone you know very well.
For I am every man you meet
and I am every woman you meet.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

What's a Mother Worth?

What's a Mother Worth?

I humbly appraise my mother's worth,
It began with pain to give me birth,
Which triggered off a love so strong,
Blossoming into a life-long bond.

When needed, she was always there,
Someone I realised would always care.
And the older I got the more I knew,
A mother's love sincere and true.

Now as I watch Mum age in years,
I'm happy to help and ease her fears.
Privileged now to play my part,
As she did for me from the very start.

Monday, January 4, 2010

She Walks in Beauty Like the Night!

i really love this makes me cry!

Of all the poets that I admire, Lord Byron remains one of my most favorite. His love poems are just out of this world! They add fuel to my imagination and fill me with happiness. The choice of words, the metaphors, the effortless romanticism are rampant in his poems. She Walks in Beauty is one of my personal favorites. It is a beautiful love poem written by Byron in 1814 after he met his cousin, Lady Anne Wilmot Horton in black mourning clothes. In the poem the lady's outer appearance is praised as a sign of her inner beauty and purity. On a different scale, this is not wholly a love poem but a celebration of this woman's beauty. If you are a true lover of Byron's poems you will certainly love the effortless gracefulness of the lines.

She walks in beauty, like the night
Of cloudless climes and starry skies;
And all that's best of dark and bright
Meet in her aspect and her eyes:
Thus mellowed to that tender light
Which heaven to gaudy day denies.

One shade the more, one ray the less,
Had half impaired the nameless grace
Which waves in every raven tress,
Or softly lightens o'er her face;
Where thoughts serenely sweet express
How pure, how dear their dwelling place.

And on that cheek, and o'er that brow,
So soft, so calm, yet eloquent,
The smiles that win, the tints that glow,
But tell of days in goodness spent,
A mind at peace with all below,
A heart whose love is innocent!

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Saturday, January 2, 2010

How was my New Year celebration...?

How was my New Year celebration...?

At morning December 31, 2009 I had a work at 8: am until 6:pm. I had no time to scroll around the city to look for things to use at evening in welcoming 2010. When I came at my place everyone was prepared already. I was exhausted enough to prepare things out. I guess this is the saddest new year I ever had, but in my own little way I celebrated by watching the fireworks and zip a little bit of wine. And around 2:00 am in the morning January 1, 2010 it was time when I decided to go sleep which is unusual things to do every New Year.