Saturday, November 29, 2008

Don’t make hasty judgement

Making assumptions when you don’t know all the facts can very tempting to do when emotions run high. Accusations and insinuations can be traded and the conflict could easily escalate. But these assumptions may not all be accurate. Ask questions first before making any judgement.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

what makes you. YOU!

What makes you you!

Personality is a collection of emotions, thoughts and behaviour patterns unique to a person. No matter what kind of personality you project, there are lots of ways you can enhance your personality. There’s really no such thing as a wrong personality. Just imagine, if everybody had the same personality, wouldn’t life be so boring?

“They call you Mr. Personality because you’re so ugly!” goes the refrain from one popular song. Humorous as it sounds, the song demonstrates a valid point. A good personality, if developed well enough, can help you be a hit with the ladies even if you lack natural good looks.

Saturday, November 22, 2008


A woman will always go for a man who isn't timid and boring, a man who genuinely listen to her when she speaks her mind. In other words, she'll go for the guy who gives her enough attention. The best way to fulfill this is by constantly communicating with her, both verbally and non-verbally. If you can carry a good conversation with her, a woman will fall for you easily.

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Roots of the Filipino character

There strengths and weaknesses of the Filipino have their roots in many factors such as:

1. the home environment

2. social environment

3. culture and language

4. history

5. the educational system

6. religion

7. the economic environment

8. the political environment

9. mass media

10. leadership and role model

Sunday, November 9, 2008

stress out!

Stress is necessary for normal functioning. When life is peaceful and quiet for too long, people become bored and they seek excitement. But stress that is too intense or prolonged can have destructive physiological and psychological effects. Stress may include any situation that calls for more than what is normal or usual for a person. The more a particular demand approaches the limit of a person’s capacities and talents, the greater the stress will be. Likewise, stress is produced when this demand blocks some motive or threatens a desired goal.

Friday, November 7, 2008

Know when to seek help

when your problems are difficult to solve all by yourself or when very little headway is gained in controlling a problem, it is a most opportune time to seek professional help. Doing this is a sign of emotional maturity and not a sign of weakness. Obtaining psychological help pays a lot since pressures cannot be taken off through the sole effort of an individual in distress and by doing so, his anxiety may be relieved and he will feel much better.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008


WASHINGTON – His storied election behind him and weighty problems in his face, Barack Obama turned Wednesday to the task of building an administration in times of crisis as Americans and the world absorbed his history-shattering achievement as the first black leader ascending to the presidency.
Obama enjoyed an everyman day-after in his hometown of Chicago on Wednesday after an electric night of celebration, anchored by his victory rally of 125,000 in Chicago and joyful outpourings of his supporters across the country. The president-elect saw his two young daughters off to school, a simple pleasure he's missed during nearly two years of virtually nonstop travel, then had a gym workout.
Pressing business came at him fast, with just 76 days until his inauguration as the 44th president.
The nation's top intelligence officials planned to give him top-secret daily briefings starting Thursday, sharing with him the most critical overnight intelligence as well as other information he has not been allowed to see as a senator or candidate. And Obama planned to give the first of his daily briefings to the media on Thursday as he moves quickly to begin assembling a White House staff and selecting Cabinet nominees.
Obama was asking Illinois Rep. Rahm Emanuel, former political and policy adviser to President Clinton, to be his White House chief of staff, Democratic officials said. John Podesta, who served as Clinton's chief of staff, was expected to join Obama Senate aide Pete Rouse and campaign adviser Valerie Jarrett in leading the transition team.
President Bush pledged "complete cooperation" in the transition and called Obama's victory a "triumph of the American story."
courtesy of yahoo

Monday, November 3, 2008

kanya-kanya syndrome

Filipinos have a selfish, self serving attitudes that generates a feeling of envy and competitiveness toward others, particularly one's peers who seem to have gained some status or prestige. Towards them, the Filipino demonstrates the so-called crab mentality using the leveling instrument of tsismis, intriga, and unconstructive criticism to bring others down. There seems to be a basic assumption that another's gain is one's loss.

The kanya-kanya syndrome is also evident in the personal ambition and drive for power and status that is completely insensitive to the common good. Personal and in-group interests reign supreme. This characteristic is also evident in the lack of sense of service among people in the government bureaucracy.

the public is made to feel that service from these offices and from these civil servants is an extra perk that has to be paid.

The kanya-kanya syndrome results in the dampening of cooperative and the community spirit and in the trampling upon of the rights of others.

Saturday, November 1, 2008

its my dream who fulfilled my dream

I was dreaming last night that i celebrated trick or treat together with my friends. We have set a party that everyone has its own unique scary costume. We really had fun. We were screaming because one of our friends prepared scary staff. And then, we walked around the town and visited houses to ask for trick or treat. Happily, they joined us and participated.

And when i woke-up i didn't get over on thinking my dream. Honestly, at this point of my age i didn't try to join or to attend trick or treat activity or Halloween party and experience what i experienced on my dream. Its my dream who fulfilled my dream. I was blessed that i had a wonderful dream last night.