Friday, October 17, 2008

how to develop your abilities (part 2)

Let as say, for instance that you favor adverting work. Break down advertising interests into the different kinds of advertising-newspaper, magazines, direct mail publicity, ect.-and take up one at a time. Then break out each kinds still further, into the creative components thus copy righting, layout headlines, typography,engraving. ect-then study each detail carefully,separate, one at a time. Eventually you will notice how each component part is related to the whole, and how the whole field of advertising is related to our national economy.
Exactly the same procedure can be applied to any everyone of your abilities. Keeping it up, before to long, you will establish reputation knowledgeable person. Whenever someone in the office wants to know something, he will come to you. All this, of course, must be done quietly and steadily, not too obviously. Natural ambition will push you forward,but don't try to push yourself forward too aggressively.

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