Thursday, April 3, 2008

i need respect

What should i do? just today, i think i dropped all my tears, i cry all day long. I am not suppose to write about whats happening just to get the sympathy of my co-blogger or the readers of my blog. I'm doing this in order me to stress out or to get over from being hurts for everything. I really hate myself, at this point in my life i didn't even gain any respect for those people that i thought that they really true to me. They easily insult me or embarrass which is so hurting for me, that's why respect is more important to any one of us. But speaking of respect i didn't ever try or feel the meaning of it. While i am writing this one deep inside truly hurting and i hope someday this person who makes me cry,hurt emotionally can learn how to consider the feelings of others.

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jovah said...

Kramlo, I know how u felt.All u have to do is to pray since you dont have the power to control all the people around you because we all have different behavior, interpretation and opinion in life.I knew how hard it is for you to cope up everything you've been through. And i Knew also your situation thats why I'm telling you to PRAY since theres nothing impossible with GOD.
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Thanks and GOd Bless you as you travel the journey of life.