Saturday, April 19, 2008


Down to the beach

Down to the beach

On a sunny day we go

Beach bags packed with sun screen lotions

Hands rubbing people’s backs in slow motion

Glistening oily bodies radiating with sensation

Down to the beachDown to the beach

Where a chilly sea breeze blows

Let’s have some funIn the red-hot sun

Down to the beach

Only there the ladies reveal saucy behinds

Whenever the raging sun is still kind

Down to the beach

As never-ceasing waves play across the shores

People happily play dreading any rainy down

pourDown to the beach

Where young lovers closely nestle

As sand creatures cause the sand to bristle

Seagulls gliding in the air with screams and whistles

Kids picking up shells and building stormy sand castles

Down to the beach

Where mostly good vibes flow

Down to the beach

We go whilst there is still sun without snow

1 comment:

blanne said...

asa na siya na beach??? :)