Sunday, June 17, 2007


Uncertainty is simply being unsure if you want to pursue a committed relationship with the person you're dating. If a man is uncertain, there are questions he will ask himself to figure out if a woman is the right fit for him.

These questions maybe things such as:
Can I fit this person into my life?
Can I date the way may partner wants me to? (These are very practical questions such as: how often you date? When do you see each other? Is she demanding more than I can give?)
Am I really attracted to her?
Can I make her happy?
Are there other women out there who could make me happier than this one?

These are things that a new girlfriend rarely knows about. If he shared these questions with his partner, many women would be left to worry: "Wow, he's got a lot of baggage!"

He may not it sit down and ponder these questions directly. They are often answered in a feeling or in an instance when he interacts with you. He might also find the answers from his own life. Unlike women, a man won't normally consult his friends for relationship advice. He has to find the answer to these questions on his own.

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