Monday, June 18, 2007

So emotional................

Emotional Unavailability

Emotional unavailability has more to do with a man's desire and choices about opening up emotionally.

In this instance, he is asking himself questions such as:
Is ready to explore his feelings with a woman?
Can he give her what she wants emotionally?
Is he even willing to try?

If a women starts to wonder if the man she was dating might be emotional unavailable, she should think back on their interactions up until the point where he disappeared. She should ask herself: Does he seem clued into my emotional needs or his own or are his emotions shut down and frozen?

If a man you're dating disappears from your life and comes back suddenly, it is up to you to decide whether he is emotionally unavailable or not. It could be many things that caused him to pull away from you. Sometimes men come back because they felt a connection with a woman. The problem is that this attraction is not a romantic one, but rather an attraction of friendship. When he comes back, ask yourself these questions: Are you guys interacting on a more-than-friends level? Is he dating other people? Has he dated anyone since things ended with you? Does he give any reasons for pulling away? Have those reasons changed? If he's calling and showing signs he's interested after being missing for a while, it is up to you to figure out if these are signs that he wants to be friends or if he is interested in a relationship.

A man may come back in a woman's life after disappearing because it's comfortable or he may be back because he sees that he threw a good thing away. Sometimes distance and time can cause a man to look back fondly and wonder why he ended a relationship. If you are still confused, a Mars Venus coach can help you work it out.

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