Thursday, March 12, 2009

Winter Fairytale

I once heard a baby boy crying
out in the mid-morning snow,
and anxious was I to comfort him
for my sad heart pitied him so.

He laid in the arms of his mother,
a princess from a day long ago,
and as I wandered away all alone
I could feel my teardrops of woe.

Returning again, before noonday
the sun had melted the snow...and
baby and mother were smiling sweetly
with their pretty blue eyes aglow.

I greeted the mother warmly,
she was kind as a mother could be!
Just one look made me understand
and I was filled with humility.

Happily we talked together;
she welcomed me home, just we three.
That gentle mother of a treasured child
had cast a magical spell over me.

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