Monday, March 16, 2009

Winston Churchill

'We shall fight on the beaches
We shall fight on the landing grounds
We shall fight in the fields
And in the streets.
We shall fight in the hills
But we shall never surrender.'

Churchill's speeches were so well defined
Possessing a slight touch of rhythm and rhyme.
The most apt description clould be free verse,
A style of their own ~ iniquely diverse.
How could a wartime speech be poetical
When made up of words so widely political?
But Winston loved poetry, a great writer was he;
Nobel Prize for literature, nineteen fifty three.
At Harrow School, when only fifteen, he wrote
'The Influenza' ~ published and masterly.
And one day as his daughter's dog lay whining
He wrote a few lines, to stop her from crying...

'Poor Puggy Wug'
Oh what is the matter
with poor Puggy Wug?
Pet him and kiss him
and give him a hug;
run and fetch him a
suitable drug.
Wrap him up tenderly
all in a rug ~ that is the
way to cure Puggy Wug.

AH! But what a great Orator
And War Leader
Winston Churchill became.

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