Friday, February 6, 2009


We must value what we have, no matter how small it is. We must cherish each moments of our lives coz we'll never know whether it will the last...

I happened to met a friend who is very dear to me, I was really strucked of what she shared to me. Upon hearing her story, I've learned a very important lesson in which most of take forgranted...MOMENTS!!!

It all started when she worked in a certain Korean School. She taught Korean kids ages 8-16 years old. At first she hated her work because it caused her too much stress. Everyday when she gets home, she always feel exhausted. After a few days of teaching she was planning to quit immediately. Until then, she met a student whom at first she never paid attention to. As days pass by, she can't help but notice that certain student. Until one day they accidentally bumped into each other in the lobby. The student was very polite, though he had difficulty speaking English he tried his hardest to apologize to the teacher. After that incident which happened to be the acquaintance they will never ever forget.
Several weeks after that incident a new class schedule for the student's were released. The teacher was so shocked upon knowing that Dave ( not the real name of the student) will be one of his student on 1:1 class. She is not really sure on how she would feel and for some reasons in which she didn't tell me.

I will just continue the story some other time to make it more exciting. Be sure to visit this site always. This is one hell of a story you should'nt miss.

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