Monday, August 4, 2008

How to improve your PERSONALITY(SECOND PART)

I once asked twenty-five people,"tell me frankly how many times in ten to do your first impressions of a person prove entirely wrong?Think this over carefully and dont let your vanity of opinion dictate your reply."The result:22, whichnis 88%, said that their first impressions were rarely changed.This about corresponds to what most people would report.So take serious note.You are extremely foolish if you ignore the frist impressions you make-socially, in business, in puclic work-in every department of life.

It is perhaps my most valuable asset, and I recommend to everyone that he work upon that first impression he will make, So often it is very different from what he imagine or, in our vanity,believe it to be.

It is in business, particularly, that a good personality impression is of prime importance. Business is built on personalities even more than on money,products, or services.Customer nare people and people are personalities. The executives of a business are personalities- and they are usually good personalities or they wouldnt have become executives. The employees are people with personalities, good or bad ,and their position and security in the business rests largely on wether their personality is good or bad.

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