Saturday, August 2, 2008

How to improve your PERSONALITY (first part}

I have read a book about "Personality Development".My cousin Jeffrey who's the owner of the book is the one who is responsible of my improvement. Because he let me borrow the book inorder me to learn or to improve my personality. I ought to thanks my cousin, because after reading the book about Personality Development I have learned so many things like factors that affect my personality and how to improve my personality just like these:

First impressions are an extremely important part of everyday contacts. The people you meet, the places you go, the things you do all through your life are affected by first impressions-of you by you.

People or places that make an unfavorable impression on you are left in the backgroun. If you create an unfavorable first impression on the other fellow ,you are usually left the background.The reason your first imoression is so important is that you don't always get a second opportunity to correct an unfortunate first impression.Therefore, it is important that you keep your best foot forwand at all times, in order to be sure that you do create a favorable first impression in every instance.

Read what Jack Schwartz, of Los Angeles,says about favorable first impression. he is the author of the book How to Get More Businessby telephone,conductor of telephone Sales. Clinic in California, and famous as an able insurance salesman.


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