Wednesday, March 19, 2008

im happy with "SMORTY"

I never realized that the world has another entertaining-enticing leisure way of boredom. From my cousin,Carlota, i am grateful to her for introducing smorty which it is another fun and exciting way of earning while bogging. It has been assured that time has been worth it on writing. Its a good news for me when smorty approved my blog, its my pleasure to be one of their member. Since, smorty is on behind me i can get paid for blogging.

In addition,blog for money is worth it on writing right! Well, for that i can have a extra income aside from being a student. As a student Such like these is a big help in terms of my money making; i can get paid in blogging so don't need to rely to my parent's to asked them a money because with smorty i can have my own income at the same time while doing everything still i can have fun on working with my blog on writing what's new from me. Speaking of smorty their advertise on blog have a good performance with the blogger to get more task.

In fact, i always pray and look forward that someday smorty will approved my blog. Now, this the moment I've waiting for. My prayer was answered. Then, i should grabbed all the task that a sign to my blog.

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