Wednesday, October 31, 2007

KNOW me (check my secret for this week)

1. Where did you go last Saturday? ==
i was with my friend house

2. Did you have fun?
Yeah of course!:

3. Who were you with? Were they cool?
my friend fatima and his boyfriend,they are so cool

4. What time did you sleep last nyt?
3:00 am never realized the time when I had a wonderful chatted of sunshine

5. Have you gone to the beach just w/ yourbuddies?
Yeap that was last summer I guess..

6. Do you love sunsets?
Very much...romantic

7. What's the best thing you have ryt now that you don't have a month ago?
My computer

8. when is your b-day?
april 14

9. What are your wishes for your birthday?
too many to wish but if given the chance i have 3 might be 1. Success of my small business 2. good health 3. to have a family

10. Who do you wanna be w/ on the day of your birthday?
My family, friends and sunshine? heheh

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