Saturday, November 10, 2007

ASK yourself?

Will this guy fit in with your at home friends?

Will this guy even like your at home friends?

When you talk about your interests at school are they similar? Do you belong to the same type of clubs, groups or teams?

Do you normally have a busy schedule that would get in the way of seeing him?

Do you have the means (money, a job, a bus pass, a friend with a car) necessary to get to him and spend time with him?

Do you have a relationship back home that you will have to end in order to keep this relationship?

If you had met this guy at school instead of on vacation would you have even started seeing him? Ask him (or her as the case may be)...

Does he have a steady back home or did he recently end a relationship before the summer break?

Would he have to end a relationship in order to continue dating you? If so, would he even be willing to do that?

Does he think that you would fit in with his back home friends?

Is he willing to make the trip to see you and does he have the means (see above) necessary to do so?

Is there any reason he can think of that your summer romance can't become a steady thing?

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