Saturday, April 11, 2009

Words Flow From His Heart

Style of Thomas Hardy -
He to She:

May to October,
how the months hurry by...
it's the sad day tomorrow
when we say goodbye.
Sweet moments were magical
with you and your charms.
My stay has been wonderful
alone in your arms.
A holiday to remember
near sea and sand.

But at dawn's early light
I must go - can't you see?
To Canberra's fair city
away I must flee; where
the bronze Ethos statue
points up to the skies...
I will write to you darling,
have no tears in your eyes.
I'll return in December
kissing your hand.

Please take this Rosary,
it comes from my heart.
Sometime very soon,
prayer will play a part.
The beads which are sacred
count the hours as they go
and from now till December
you will haunt my dreams so,
because you are my only one
I thought you should know.

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