Tuesday, September 9, 2008

its tuesday!

today is tuesday.early this morning when i woke-up my horoscope enervated me and my day starts well.......it says,
"Meeting yourself in another person is a subject you may ponder today. Relationships--romantic, business, social--are the areas where this may be played. In coming to know the other person and what causes ties that bind two people, helps you to a better understanding of yourself. It's easy in theory, but it's only in practice that it comes to mean anything real--so practice until you get it right! You will be able to use your finely tuned skills and expertise to solve problems and feel successful. Figuring things out, spotting the fly in the ointment and separating the sheep from the goats begin to take on a special appeal for you. Seeing both sides of an issue and figuring out resolutions to opposing views take on more importance in your personal life now".

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