Friday, June 20, 2008

coping stress in our life

My teacher in physiology assigns us by group to report about behaviors, attitudes in life and so on… me and my group mates was assigned to report “coping stress in our life” which is so interesting. And we found out that in coping stress in our life you must to:

  • Like yourself—recognize your needs and forgive your errors.
  • Work on only one project at a time: set priorities, being careful not to set expectations too high.
  • Learn to accept what you cannot change.
  • Talk about troubles: confide in a special friend or a trained professional. Another person may help you to see your problem in a new light.
  • Learn how to relax: take time to do something you really enjoy or learn the art of loafing.
  • Work off tensions: try a physical activity like walking, playing a game of tennis, gardening, or playing your favorite musical instrument.
  • Treat yourself to sufficient sleep: know how many hours you need. Sufficient sleep will help to give you a refreshed, energetic outlook on life.

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Ana P. S. said...

Great post. Helpful 'to sa akin..LOL. Thanks for sharing.