Thursday, July 5, 2007

it's my favorate "poem"

A Milestone Journey

Once a rigid vision,

Once a mere contemplation…
But now it’s a realization
A journey worth of a thousand reflections

As for my first walk at this institution,
All I have is time to spare;
With lots of meaningful information,
Thawing out my despairs

Hoping that there will be somebody,
To guide me on my way;
I was surprised having everybody,
Enlightening up my day

Sometimes in my frail uncertainties,
Giving up is such a remedy;
But to think how to end in a tragedy, Certainly,
that solution was not the key

Moving on to another encounter,
Those memories gazing towards me;
What I can do is focus and gather,
Burst out all the energy

I now close the miseries,
Open another facet of life’s misteries;
For this milestone journey of mine
Will never end without a rhyme

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